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PDB file Author(s) Title Date Resolution, Å
1aay.pdb N.P.Pavletich, C.O.Pabo

Zinc Finger-DNA
Recognition: Crystal
Structure of a Zif268-DNA
Complex at 2.1 A

1991 1.60
1azp.pdb H.Robinson, Y.G.Gao,
J.W.Shriver, A.H.-J.Wang

The Hyperthermophile
Chromosomal Protein Sac7D
Sharply Kinks DNA

1998 1.60
1bf4.pdb Gao, Y.G., Su, S.Y.,
Robinson, H.,
Padmanabhan, S., Lim, L.,
McCrary, B.S., Edmondson,
S.P., Shriver, J.W.,
Wang, A.H.

The crystal structure of
the hyperthermophile
chromosomal protein Sso7d
bound to DNA.

1998 1.60
1cdw.pdb D.B.Nikolov, H.Chen,
E.D.Halay, A.Hoffman,
R.G.Roeder, S.K.Burley

Crystal Structure of a
Human TATA Box-Binding
Protein/TATA Element

1996 1.90
1ckq.pdb Horvath, M., Choi, J.,
Kim, Y., Wilkosz, P.A.,
Chandrasekhar, K.,
Rosenberg, J.M.

The Integration of
Recognition and Cleavage:
X-Ray Structures of Pre-
Transition State and
Post-Reactive DNA-Eco Ri
Endonuclease Complexes

- 1.85
1d02.pdb M.Deibert, S.Grazulis,
A.Janulaitis, V.Siksnys,

Crystal structure of Mun
I restriction
endonuclease in complex
with cognate DNA at 1.7 A

1999 1.70
1dc1.pdb H.Ruan, K.D.Lunnen,
M.E.Scott, L.S.Moran,
J.J.Pelletier, E.J.Hess,
J.Benner II, G.G.Wilson

Cloning and sequence
comparison of AvaI and
BsoBI restriction
modification systems

1996 1.70
1dfm.pdb Lukacs, C.M., Kucera, R.,
Schildkraut, I.,
Aggarwal, A.K.

Understanding the
immutability of
restriction enzymes:
crystal structure of
BglII and its DNA
substrate at 1.5 A

2000 1.50
1dp7.pdb K.S.Gajiwala, H.Chen,
F.Cornille, B.P.Roques,
W.Reith, B.Mach,

Structure of the winged
helix-protein hRFX1
reveals a new mode of DNA

2000 1.50
1dsz.pdb F.Rastinejad, T.Wagner,
Q.Zhao, S.Khorasanizadeh

Structure of the RXR-RAR
DNA-Binding Complex on
the Retinoic Acid
Response Element DR1

2000 1.70
1e3o.pdb A.Remenyi, A.Tomilin,
E.Pohl, H.Scholer,

Structural Basis for DNA
Sequence Dependent
Dimerization of the POU
Transcription Factor

n.a. 1.90
1egw.pdb E.Santelli, T.J.Richmond

Crystal Structure of
MEF2A Core Bound to DNA
at 1.5 A Resolution

2000 1.50
1esg.pdb Viadiu, H., Aggarwal,

Structure of BamHI bound
to nonspecific DNA: a
model for DNA sliding.

2000 1.90
1fiu.pdb M.Deibert, S.Grazulis,
G.Sasnauskas, V.Siksnys,

Structure of the
tetrameric restriction
endonuclease NgoMIV in
complex with cleaved DNA

2000 1.60
1gu4.pdb Tahirov, T.H.,
Inoue-Bungo, T., Sato,
K., Sasaki, M., Ogata, K.

Structural Basis for
Flexible Base Recognition
by C/Ebpbeta

- 1.80
1h6f.pdb C.W.Muller, B.Hermann

Structure of the T
Domain-DNA Complex of the
Brachyury Transcription

1997 1.70
1jx4.pdb H.Ling, F.Boudsocq,
R.Woodgate, W.Yang

Crystal Structure of a
Y-family DNA Polymerase
in Action: a Mechanism
for Error-Prone and
Lesion-Bypass Replication

2001 1.70
1l1z.pdb J.C.Fromme, G.L.Verdine

Structural insights into
lesion recognition and
repair by the bacterial
8-oxoguanine DNA
glycosylase MutM

2002 1.70
1l3l.pdb R.Zhang, T.Pappas,
J.L.Brace, P.C.Miller,
J.K.Bashkin, S.C.Winans,

Structure of a Bacterial
Transcription Factor
Complexed with Pheromone
and DNA

2002 1.66
1llm.pdb Wolfe, S.A., Grant, R.A.,
Pabo, C.O.

1.5 Resolution Structure
of a DNA Bound
Zif268-GCN4 Chimera

- 1.50
1lmb.pdb L.J.Beamer, C.O.Pabo

Refined 1.8 Angstrom
Crystal Structure of the
Lambda Repressor-Operator

1992 1.80
1m5r.pdb L.Lariviere, S.Morera

A Base-flipping mechanism
for the T4 phage
and identification of a
transition state analog

2002 1.80
1mnn.pdb J.S.Lamoureux, D.Stuart,
R.Tsang, C.Wu, J.N.Glover

Structure of the
transcription factor
Ndt80 bound to DNA

2002 1.40
1mus.pdb H.M.Holden, J.B.Thoden,
W.S.Reznikoff, S.Lovell,

Hairpin Resolution in
Single Crystals of a Tn5
Transposase Synaptic

n.a. 1.90
1nkp.pdb S.K.Nair, S.K.Burley

X-ray structures of
Myc-Max and Mad-Max
recognizing DNA:
Molecular bases of
regulation by
transcription factors

2003 1.80

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