Structure information:

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File Description
1gu4.pdb Protein-DNA(B-DNA) complex in .pdb format
1gu4.prot Protein
Components of the complex
in .pdb format
1gu4.dna DNA(B-DNA)
1gu4.hoh Water
1gu4.out Structural parameters of NA
Computed with 3 DNA/comp DNA
[Olson A. et al., 2003]. See methods for details
surf_1gu4.min Minor groove Accessible surface area
of DNA (B-DNA) atoms

[Higo J. & Go N., 1989]
See methods for details
surf_1gu4.maj Major groove
surf_1gu4.en Entire DNA(B-DNA) molecule
1gu4.frc Potential of DNA minor groove .zip archive of all files related to this complex